Embrace the World of AI Nurse!

Learn how to use prompts, templates and Chat GPT for Nursing!

Course curriculum

    1. Start Here!

    2. Chat GPT Quick Start Guide

    1. How to use this course

    2. Message from the Dean

    1. Step 1: Seed ChatGPT with your Business Information

    1. Emails With Proven Subject Lines

    2. Choosing A Profitable Niche

    3. Marketing Frame Works for Problem-Outcome

    4. Follow Up Emails

    5. Useful Emails: Newsletters, Thank You's, Promotions, Limited Time News Ect..

    6. Creating Social Media Calendar and Seeding ChatGPT wtih Social Prompts

    7. Creating Social Media Posts

    8. Current Social Trends

    9. Analyzing and Tracking Social Media

    10. Call to Action

    11. Creating a Strong Brand

    12. Improve Websites SEO

    1. Nursing Student Recommendation Letter Template- Long

    2. Nursing Student ROL-Short

    1. 50 Prompts for NCLEX Studying!

    2. Letter of Recommendation Template for Nursing School Applications- Long Version

    3. Letter of Recommendation Template-Condense Version

    4. Thank you Letter Template to Professor whom wrote LOR

    5. Thank you Letter Template-Condense Version

    6. Paper Writing Template

    7. Nursing Care Template from Chat GPT

    8. Patient Education Prompts for ChatGPT

    9. Narrowing Down Paper Topics

    10. Create a powerpoint with ChapGPT

    11. How to use Canva with ChatGPT for PowerPoints

About this course

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  • 38 lessons

Features of this Course

  • Prompts

    This course provides over 1000 prompts to copy and paste into ChatGPT. From business, marketing, letter writing, paper topics and care plans

  • Templates

    Tried of not knowing what to write for Recommendation Letters or Letters to Professors? We have it ready for you, inside!

  • Support

    The course guides are easy to follow, with steps and outlines to make your learning experience easy and effortless!

Increase Productivity, no more spending hours of writing out case studies, discussion post, letters, emails..Chat GPT will save all nurses from burnout!


  • Is this course live?

    This course can be completed at your own pace. Most of the lessons are filled with ChatGPT prompts that you may want to come back to.

  • What will this course allow me to do after I complete it?

    This course is to help nurses become familiar and learn how to use ChatGPT for their business, school and work. There are tools and prompts to cut down work time and increase playtime!

  • How long is this course avaliable for?

    This course is open for 365 days